Reading:  Romans 11:34
“Who has known the mind of the Lord?
Or who has been his counselor?”


What a mystery, the human mind. What incredible compressed capacity the brain affords. Where do ideas come from? Where are great inspirations birthed? How can an undisciplined mind offer up the creative genius displayed in soaring spires, where disciplined intelligence creates a warehouse?

One is blessed with a lofty IQ, but robbed of social graces. Another is dull, but irresistibly lovable. Go figure! One can lock out everyone in a crowded room. Another is distracted by the ticking of a clock in a monastery.

What stamina the brain exhibits. Studies exhaust us, but the mind never really shuts down. Even at rest, it works. Concentrating on a dry equation evokes boredom. Concentrating on a love interest provokes action. A short change of pace renews the power to concentrate again.

Amazing! What is a thought, a feeling, an impulse, except an electrical charge that races through a million crossroads to make connections that form a basis for action, a call to nobility, an unspoken preference?

If we cannot grasp the greatness of the human mind, how can we begin to comprehend the unsearchable depths of the wisdom of God?


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