Read:  Esther 5:1-6:14

That night the king had trouble sleeping, so he ordered an attendant to bring the book of history of his reign so it could be read to him.  In those records he discovered an account of how Mordecai had exposed the plot of Bigthana and Teresh, two of the eunuchs who guarded the door to the king’s private quarters.  They had plotted to assassinate King Xerxes.  “What reward or recognition did we ever give Mordecai for this?”  the king asked.  Esther 6:1-3  

Haman, King Xerxes’s chief official and confidant, burned with anger against Mordecai, Queen Esther’s cousin. Why? Because Mordecai wouldn’t bow down before him. Sounds like Haman had some pride issues, and as we read on in the story of Esther that becomes evident.

The irony in this passage is that on the evening that Haman plotted Mordecai’s death, God kept the king up reading about how Mordecai saved his life. Haman comes into work the next day ready to execute Mordecai, and the king calls him in and has him honor Mordecai.

Haman was a ladder climber, and proud of his position and influence. But God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble.

What are the chances that the king would be reading about how Mordecai saved his life (an incident that he must have missed at the time), at the very same time that Haman was planning Mordecai’s death? Let me tell you what the chances are…  outside of divine intervention – ZERO.

God’s people had been praying and fasting for days. The future of God’s people was hanging in the balance and the situation was looking hopeless. They needed a miracle and by all accounts they got one.

Sometimes we fall into the mental habit of practical atheism. We believe in God, but we don’t live like He’s real. We don’t expect that He can or will intervene in our lives. But here we see Him orchestrate the circumstances in a way that couldn’t have happened by chance. God moved. A miracle happened. Mordecai not only survives, but is honored by the king and set up for a promotion.

The big miracle comes next in the story, but as so often is the case, the string of little miracles that lead up to the big ones are plain to see if we open our eyes. God is still moving in the affairs of His people and we need to live, expect, pray and fast like that’s the case. When we do, we’ll see God come through even when the situation seems hopeless.

Lord, help me to trust You even in the “hopeless situations” and especially in the situations that aren’t hopeless and I think I have it all under control. Help me to see Your little miracles and live a life of expectation that You will move. Keep me from ever becoming a practical atheist and from living like You aren’t real. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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