Read: Exodus 4:18-5:23

Moses returned to the Lord and said, “Why, Lord, why have you brought trouble on this people?”  Exodus 5:22

So Moe is minding his own business, living his simple life as a shepherd out in the hills of Midian when God shows up and gives him a mission. “Go to the most powerful person on earth and demand that he let his 3 million slaves go out into the desert to worship.” We know from history that God had bigger plans in mind. That He was about to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

Now Moe, after some persuading from God, goes down to Egypt and does as God had asked. I’m sure after having some conversations directly with God, and being given some miraculous signs to show the Pharaoh, that Moe walked in with a degree of optimism. After all, God asked him to do it and God gave him special powers. Surely (although I’m sure he was a little intimidated), Moses had a little swagger in his step and a confidence that God was going to work it all out.

Ultimately, if you know the story, God does work it all out, but Moe must have been absolutely demoralized by Pharaohs’ response. As Pharaoh punishes the Israelites for Moe’s request and the Israelites turn on Moe, he had to be asking God, “What did you get me into? Did I hear you right? I did what you asked of me so why is this so hard? What gives, God?”

So often in life God asks us to step out on a mission for Him. Maybe it’s starting a ministry, hosting a grow group, or simply walking across the room to reach out to someone. You’re sure you heard His still small voice nudge you to do it, and you walk out with confidence that this is going to go great!!! After all, God asked you to do this – He’s on the hook to make it great, right?

I can tell you from personal experience that that is not always the case. Sometimes, what God calls us to will be a challenge before it will be great. You see, as with Moe, God often uses those “missions” to form and prepare us, to teach us to deepen our prayer life, and to cause us to rely on Him. Instant success can lead to bad things if your heart isn’t ready for it.

It gives me great comfort that everything went to crap for Moe before God facilitated one of the greatest liberations in history. It looked dark for awhile. Moe was looking more like a curse for his people than a blessing, and they certainly didn’t appreciate his efforts at the time.

But Moe didn’t give up. He leaned into God, he learned to trust God in the challenges, and God used him to save his people and change the world. If you find yourself in a situation where you have stepped out in faith and it’s hard right now – know you’re in good company…  don’t quit, and like Moe, God will use you to change the world too.

God, help me to learn what you’re teaching me in the trials and to not lose faith in You and Your bigger picture. Use me, Lord, to lead others to the promised land.  In Jesus Name  – Amen

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