Read:  Ecclesiastes 3:1-22

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:  a time to be born and a time to die.  Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 

The book of Ecclesiastes is a journal of King Solomon’s search for meaning. And ultimately, apart from God there is no meaning no matter how successful you are. He will eventually figure that out, but it’s a meandering road for Solomon.

This past week I stood beside a grave with the family and friends of the deceased, and read these exact words. And they are so true. Life is short and made up of seasons. We create all kinds of stress for ourselves when we fight those facts. But fight those facts, we do.

We do our best to not think about death until we have to. But death is as much a part of our journey and story as birth and puberty. We will all walk through it.

So often I find people surprised when a loved one dies or when they are in a season of difficulty. Like… I didn’t see this coming. But as Solomon so eloquently captured there is a time for everything. And that understanding, my friends, can bring a great deal of peace to your heart.

People will live and die, no surprise or need to control. For that matter you will live and you will die. There is a season for everything. You will have wonderful summer seasons in your life, but winters are a part of life too.

We stress out about winters when what we need to do is sit in front of the metaphorical fireplace, and warm our bones, and know that God will bring the spring.

We live in a culture that leads us to believe that it should always be summer and people should live forever, and when it’s not or they don’t, something is wrong. Let me encourage you that life or death, winter or spring, it’s just a season and God is in control, not you.

The good news about seasons is – they change, and only God can bring the next season. So relax. Rest in Him. And enjoy the season you’re in, even if it’s hard. God has you.

Father, help me to trust that you hold my life and have the bigger picture in your hands. Bring rest to my soul as I choose to live the big picture and place my faith in you. In Jesus’ name. Amen

2 thoughts on “Turn, Turn, Turn – Chris Figaretti

  1. Always faithful. Thinking faith filled! But on June 18 I came to peace with the truth of your today’s message A stage IV brain tumor? Seriously God. At my age and place I’m on top! We had a chat God and me. I conceded Ehe is the king of the universe. He knows his plan for me. He will not hurt me. He will give me all I need. Which I dedicate to His Purposes now. God hates sickness. He hates death he hates sadness hi understands sin and punishment. Graciously he offers to those of us who believe an alternative to death. Yes I have a terminal disease This is a bad season in my life. But along this journey ive found friends and advisors in ChrisChrist who have helped me to. understand the blessings in my suffering. His grace is real.he will not leave you in times of need. Coming to know the real ness of God and the love of family and friends through a bad season in my life my pledge to him was that if he gave to me peace and comfort and to reveal himself to me through this time. That I would lift up his Grace to inspire others! He has done everything for me that we bargained for! So today it continues be my honor to praise and serve the lord of purpose compassion and comfort perhaps others may find peace in my testimony! Particularly in this season I understand that we celebrate the life of him who was born to die! Just like me. Or you. But he is the great planner. The master of purpose. The king of the universe and all of us are special and necessary his hands are on you and his arms are around you I know this. I have experienced it. But in his eventual death we have his promise of eternal Life! Peace to you and pause from your suffering. He loves you very much!

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