Reading:  John 2:4 and 5
 “Woman, why do you involve me?”Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”


When Mary steps in to rescue a failing party, Jesus is reluctant to act owing to the fact that His “hour is not yet come.” Mary ignores this and instructs the servants to follow the Lord’s instructions.

Why did Jesus yield to Mary’s request? Was it because she was Mom, and the commandments require honor (Exodus 20:12)? Was it a moment of compassion for the groom? I don’t think so. Read the life of Christ with an eye for His response to faith. Jesus could not resist when people demonstrated faith.

Matthew holds four clear examples. A Centurion came to Jesus seeking healing for a paralyzed servant. Jesus was amazed at his faith (Matthew 8:10). Four friends brought another paralyzed man to Jesus. They tore up a roof and lowered his stretcher. Jesus was amazed at their faith (Matthew 9:2). The woman with the “issue of blood” pressed through the crowd to touch Him. Jesus responded to her desperate faith (Matthew 9:22). A Canaanite woman shows a stubborn persistence that moves Jesus deeply. Her daughter was healed (Matthew 15:28).

So it seems that Jesus, rushed into action before His preferred moment, responds to the absolute faith of His mother. How persistent is your faith?


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