Reading:  2 King 7:3
Now there were four men with leprosy at the entrance of the city gate. They said to each other, “Why stay here until we die?


The Biblical story is a travelogue. Adam and Eve give birth to a family that travels. Abraham was a traveling man. When a wife must be found for Isaac, it requires a journey. When Jacob takes the biblical stage, he is on the move. When Joseph appears, his way is marked by a journey to find his brothers – and a long hard road into Egypt. Egypt looms large on the biblical horizon where the children of Israel are held as slaves for 400 years until God sends a traveler named Moses to lead the people on a journey to the promised land. For the next 40 years the people of Israel live a nomadic life. Joshua comes along to take the people from the wilderness to Canaan, and even though the land is possessed – the journey is not over. King David lived on the move. All of the kings marched their armies across borders. The prophets were a nomadic band. The exile centers on a massive relocation to Babylon and home again. John the Baptist was constantly moving. The ministry of Jesus was a ministry in transit. The woman at the well was encountered on a journey, as were blind men, lepers, grieving parents, and a woman dying by inches. The Master’s last word was a command to go! Life is a journey! If you want to live… really live… get moving!


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