Read:  Psalm 19:1-14

“They speak without a sound or word; their voice is never heard.”  Psalm 19:3

“Oh, no! The worship leader got a Psalm for his devotional! Prepare to read his thesis on the philosophies of worship! Prepare for pages and pages of lengthy references to King David, the Holy of Holies, and other liturgical jargon we will never understand!!!!!!”

No worries. I promise to include as little jargon in this post as possible. No thesis. No deep revelations of the “Throne Room of God.” Just this simple observation: Creation worshipped without words.

We often associate worship with music. And that is fine, as long as we understand that our songs are only one aspect of worship. Certain words + certain venues ≠ worship. There is no single formula that can produce worship because worship is multi-faceted. To understand this, we have to understand that there are 2 basic forms of worship:

1.      Worship through purpose
2.      Worship through response

Let me explain.

What we see here in verse 3 is creation worshipping God (giving God glory) through purpose. Creation (the stars, mountains, trees, animals, etc.), because it’s fulfilling all that God created it for, naturally worships Him. We do the same when we understand the specific purpose God made us for and then decide to be obedient to that purpose. The result of that obedience is God receiving glory…worship.

The other side of worship is response. Here is where we start associating specific actions with worship — like singing. Singing is probably the most common form of public and corporate worship. But not many people know (or even question) why we sing. It’s just that thing we do on Sundays (and/or Saturdays) before the preacher preaches. Right? Nope.

Since music is so emotional, it helps lower our inhibitions and prep our hearts so that God can speak into our lives. Music helps break down the callousness that has built up from hurt, anger, bitterness, guilt, and all the other things that keep us from seeing God’s love, from experiencing His grace, and from surrendering our lives to Him. So we sing. We respond to God. We respond to who He is. We respond to what He has done. We respond. And when we do, it gives God glory…worship.

But like I said earlier, there is more than one way to worship (respond) to God. Everything we do in response to God, whether that be prayer, singing, dancing, shouting, raising hands, reading, fasting, etc., is worship. It doesn’t have to be words. A response that glorifies God is worship. So go. Respond to God. Live out the purpose He created you for. Worship with Creation.

Praise You, Lord! You are SO GOOD! My life is for You! May I live in a constant state of worship. May all that I do be in obedience to the purpose for which You created me. Lead me in Your will. Guide me into my purpose. Let my life be a reflection of Your glory! In Jesus’ name! Amen.

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