Reading:  John 1:1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


John gives us keen insight into the mystery of God with six words. At the core of all things is/was the Word! Six words jumpstart the Gospel with two seminal truths: God is, and God spoke.

Communication is rudimentary to relationship. Speech is miraculous. Consider: a Christian is stirred by a thought concerning Jesus. That thought is shaped by an experience and by faith. The mind grasps the thought and launches it across the great gray landscape of the brain. In a microsecond the diaphragm contracts and air is pushed through the voice box. Sound produced by vocal cords is distinctly shaped by the tongue, teeth, and lips. This shaped charge disturbs airwaves as it drifts across space until it collides with an ear. The ear pulls the sound waves into a tiny canal where they cause tiny bones to vibrate. Vibrations are translated to chemical/electrical signals that race across the brain where they are met by faith, confirmed by God’s Spirit, and galvanized into a confession of faith.

Through the miracle of the spoken word, somebody is translated from darkness to light! The message communicated by the living Word changes everything. Tell the story. Speak the Word; it is the beginning of all things.


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