Read: Gen. 4:1-26

“Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master.” Genesis 4:7

The story of Cain and Abel lays out the wickedness of sin and what happened with the fall of man. That wickedness grows up and leads in to the time of Noah.

Sin is like a disease. It will spread and grow in your heart if you allow it to. Unless you “subdue it and be its master,” it will subdue you and be yours.

In verse 7 the imagery of a burglar crouching at the door waiting to take over your household is used. When I personalize that image, someone waiting at my door to break in and kill, pillage, rape and steal, I get mad. That person would have to go through me and a small arsenal to get to my wife and kids. It would be on and I would expend every once of strength, energy and ammunition that I have. They are not taking control of my home while I am still alive.

What this passage presents is that sin is just like that burglar, except at the door of our hearts. It will kill, pillage, rape and steal everything that is good in your life. And just as we would die protecting our families, we must fight with all we have to protect our hearts.

If we don’t, we become slaves of sin. It really does end up controlling us in the end. We find ourselves alone, strung out, out of control and broken. If you have ever been there, it’s a powerful feeling of helplessness, because you’re not in control anymore.

Bottom line – sin is nothing to mess around with. It doesn’t matter if you are habitually lying or addicted to drugs, viewing pornography or can’t stop gossiping. You’ve got to fight it, wrestle it to the ground, and “subdue it and be its master.” Otherwise it will become yours. Some of us are fighting the good fight here. Not perfect, but you’re in the fight. For you, keep fighting.

Others of us are slaves of sin, pure and simple. You can’t stop or you don’t want to, and you are no longer in control. Let this devo be a wake up call for you. There is still fight left in you. Not a lot, but enough.

You need Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s power at work in you. He will take the little fight you have left and amplify it. But you have to fight, you have to turn, you have to call out to Jesus right now and repent. Ask Him to help you, to empower you, to free you. You can’t get there on your own.

You may not be able but He is. Lean into Jesus.

Jesus I need your help to fight the good fight against sin. Set my heart free and help me to fight. Lord, I need you to make up for what I lack. Please Jesus, fight with me for my freedom. In your name I pray, amen.

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