Guest: Bob Harper, Ventura Vineyard

Today I am starting a new short series about something that I found while working on these questions: What did the 1st Christians believe at this level of their belief system?  But what did they think about how God was operating in their lives?

As I read the New Testament I see something that the 1st Christians believed and lived out on that personal, powerful level that connects with the deeper conceptual level and, I believe, has power for us in the 21st century.

This series is called “Those whom I love.” Those whom God loves…


Week 1: The Wilderness




Early Christians believed that God worked things into your soul by bringing difficulty into your life. So, you don’t necessarily try to avoid it. Instead you try to see God’s purpose in it.

Week 2: Trials



The wilderness experience it seems is a universal but rare event. Every follower of Jesus goes into the wilderness at least once but rarely more than that.

Today we are looking at another universal experience that happens much more frequently – trials.

Trials are disorienting occasions that God uses to deepen or stretch our faith.