A.D.-withcrosses-story continues

In 2013, The Bible miniseries took the world by storm.  It was an epic cinematic accomplishment, but it just touched the surface of what happened after Jesus.

AD continues with the story of the early Christians, the power of God, and how the world began to change because of a humble carpenter from Nazareth.

The miniseries AD launched on Easter Sunday on NBC, and the AD sermon series will follow along… we’ll learn more about this “against all odds” movement that rocked the world with grace and compassion.


A.D. – Week 5
Chris Figaretti
When the disciples rejoiced in their persecution… can you imagine?  They were filled with the unstoppable power of God.
A.D. – Week 4
Chris Figaretti
Boldness for Christ
The disciples went from hiding away to  proclaiming Christ standing tall.  You can do the same!
A.D. – Week 3
Julie Meredith
Pentecost & the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit can be a mystery to many.  Find some answers, and learn how the Holy Spirit fills and leads us.
A.D. – Week 2
Chris Figaretti
Doubt & Restoration
Do you have doubts about Jesus?  Thomas did.  Do you feel like you’ve betrayed Jesus?  Peter did.  Jesus shows himself and restores relationships with his disciples AND with us.
A.D. – Week 1 (Easter)
Chris Figaretti
The Empty Tomb
The empty tomb means that Jesus was right!  It proves that what He did on the cross was really true!


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