DailyRead-Art-wlogoReading: Jeremiah 7:28
Therefore say to them, ‘This is the nation that has not obeyed the Lordits God or responded to correction. Truth has perished; it has vanished from their lips.


America has never been richer in possessions and more bankrupt in morals.

This nation was founded on godly principles and she is falling due to their erosion. You can argue and debate the spiritual acuity of the founding fathers. You can assume that they were theists and deists. You can even assume that they were far from spiritual giants, but this must be granted: our founding fathers believed that the seeds to the greatness of a nation could be found in the Bible. We were once a nation under God. Now we are a nation under a cloud. We were established with a God consciousness.

But that establishment has been overturned with a self-centeredness that threatens to shred the fabric of the American ideal. With the rapid globalization that followed the war years, moral landmarks were shifted or removed all together. We became a particularly secular nation. The cost is measured in a lost generation and a people increasingly sophisticated in evil. Prayer is abandoned – Abortion is a right – Morality is no longer a pre-requisite for leadership – Christianity has been increasingly marginalized in our culture.

Jeremiah seems strangely current when viewed in a contemporary setting.


Reposted with permission from onehope.net.

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