Read:  Obadiah 1

“An envoy was sent to the nations to say, “Rise, and let us go against her for battle”  Obadiah 1:1b

When was the last time you were able to get your head above the crashing waters of a raging storm? This world can become a place that is so overwhelming; handing you one stressful thing after another, between financial struggles, broken relationships, living conditions, unemployment, depression/anxiety, physical health problems, parenting troubles, death of someone close, peer conflicts, and the list could go on… . Sometimes it feels as if each difficult time were just another wave barreling over your head with the intention of drowning you as if you never existed or mattered to anyone. The enemy desires for you to get panicked with each tough occurrence so that you will give up the fight to persevere.

In the short book written by Obadiah he has a prophetic vision of an oppressed nation of God’s people that were repeatedly attacked and bullied by their troublesome neighbors to the south, Edom. In the first verse, instead of telling the people of Israel to deal with it or wait around until God snaps His finger to make things better, the LORD calls His people to rally others around them in their time of need. Then together, God charges them to “Rise, and let us go against her for battle.” The chapter continues to warn Edom that their evil ways would not continue and they would be “shamed” and “destroyed forever” because of their violence against God’s people. (v.10)

God never intended for us to live out our spiritual lives alone, because He knows that the enemy looks for every opportunity to discourage and potentially eliminate our trust in Him. We as believers are at war against the devil’s schemes. When we face an enemy as crafty as Satan, we cannot survive alone. He has watched us for too long and has practiced his art of deception since the beginning of man and therefore should not be approached in weakness or with an individual mindset. We must confront him as a holy army.

An army is typically not made of a single man, but instead is at its strongest when a group with the same goal and determination work together to destroy the opposition. The stronger the bond between those soldiers, the more effective their work becomes. “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy” is the motto of the 1st Marine Division and should be adopted as one of the motto’s for the Christian brotherhood and sisterhood. We, as brothers and sisters in Christ, must reach out to our church family in times of need. It is far more difficult to completely break an army than it is to ruin an individual.

For those not currently in that position, maybe you have at some point been in the shoes of someone that wanted to quit fighting the good fight. Will you choose to stand in the safe comfort on the banks of the rushing waters watching others drown or will you head to the first gunship and strong crew that you see to go back into the storm for survivors? As followers of a Savior we must also be willing to live by His example to provide support and accountability to those that reach out to us. Together, that friendship can become the strong foundation (when rooted in Christ) that can be used to stand on, keeping heads above water. Together, that friendship can attack the enemy (in the Powerful Name of Christ) causing them to retreat. Together the evil ways of this world will know that we march to the command of an Almighty God that is greater than any challenge we face.

No matter how many problems you face or how big your trial is, know that God will redeem His people and a brotherhood and sisterhood are waiting right there as aid to the fight. If you’re not in a group… get in one. If you don’t have an accountability partner… get one. If you are fighting alone… call for reinforcements now!

Lord, lead me to someone that can help me in my current position and build me to help others that will face the same struggles. Develop me in such a way that I become part of your army and am prepared to go to battle whenever I am called. May I always be impacting others for your sake and glorifying you in all I do. In Your Strong and Mighty Name I pray, Amen.

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