Read:  Numbers 21:1-35

The Lord said to Moses, “Make a snake and put it up on a pole;  anyone who is bitten can look at it and live.”  Numbers 21:8

The Israelites are found grumbling and complaining against Moses and God again! This seems to be a habit for them. When things go well, they worship – when life is hard, they grumble and lose faith.

Sound familiar? How often do we find ourselves doing the same thing? Faith is really trusting God when things aren’t going well. When life is good it doesn’t take a bunch of trust to praise God.

Truth is He wants our devotion, worship, and trust regardless of life’s circumstances. And you know what? He’s trustworthy to see us through the good and bad.

The question is – how is your heart, your attitude, and your faith in the process? Do you catch yourself complaining to others, or are you walking in surrendered trust that God has you in His hands and is walking you through the situation.

Jesus was lifted up on a pole so that all who look to Him would be saved as well. Thank God for providing salvation from our sinful choices.

Jesus – thank you for being lifted up from the earth, and thank you for drawing me to you. Thanks for healing my heart and taking the consequence of my sin. Help me today to trust you and worship you even when things are hard. In your name,  Amen.

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