Read: Matt 25:14-30

“The master was full of praise. ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!'” Matthew 25:21

Jesus loved to use illustrations to drive home points, and that’s exactly what He does here. His point was that we are responsible to God to use whatever He has given us to advance His kingdom. When we do, we are blessed and rewarded. When we don’t, it’s the equivalent of being wicked.

So, how are you investing the resources God has entrusted to your care (money, time, talents, etc.)? Are you advancing His kingdom or using His resources for other pursuits.  This sounds incredibly frank, but Jesus was unapologetically calling His followers to invest their lives into His kingdom.

When I get to the end of my time here on earth and stand before God, I want to hear those words “well done, my good and faithful servant.” How about you? What are you living, investing and working for? What resources are you leaving buried out back under the tree? I hope none, but if you are, it’s time to dig them up and get in the game. That’s where the action is, that’s where God is, and that’s where the life you were made to live is waiting for you.

Jesus – Help me to get in Your game. Show me the talents, time and treasure that I’m burying and not using for Your sake. Lord teach me to use them for Your glory. Grow them, multiply them, and use them to make You famous and to help people find and follow You.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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