Read:  Psalm 60:1-12

Give us aid against the enemy,
    for human help is worthless.
With God we will gain the victory,
    and he will trample down our enemies.  Psalm 60:11 -12

At first glance this psalm may appear to be one of frustration and disillusionment. In the first few verses, David describes God as angry and rejecting of His people.

But this psalm actually shows us the confidence David had in the Lord. It was true that God had allowed his people to suffer. His people had rebelled over and over again. Because of their sin, Israel suffered from and struggled with their enemies. This was the consequence of their sin. David referred to this discipline as the “wine that makes them stagger”.

David is speaking of the reality of what happens when we live outside of the will of God. Life often becomes extra difficult because the consequences of our sin often affects our lives, our health, and our relationships. God forgave Israel and God will forgive us our sin as well, but that doesn’t mean we get to avoid the natural consequences and results of our sin.

Israel lived this over and over again, and David lived it with them. But David doesn’t stop with the hard truth of God’s discipline. He, more than once, writes of his hope and his confidence in God.

David had walked with God long enough and had been through enough ups and downs in that walk, that even in desperate times he knew he could put his hope in God.

Theologians believe this psalm was written during a setback in a battle that David and his people ultimately won.

Here is my take away:
There will be low times in our walk with God; times when God is directly disciplining us or times when we are living with the consequences of our own sin or the consequences of the sin of others. We must take David’s cue from this psalm and put our hope in the Lord. We must recognize that God is sovereign and He has won the greatest victory over the worst enemy already. The best news is that because we have submitted to Him, we too, will ultimately win the victory with Him.

Father, thank you that you are faithful. As inconsistent and sinful as we are, you have made yourself available to us when we humble ourselves before you. Lord, thank you that you have the ultimate victory! Thank you that you offer that victory to us. Thank you that no sin and no consequences of sin are outside of your reach to forgive and heal. Come and have your way in the battles we face. Empower us to walk in victory this day and every day. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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