Read:  2 Choronicles 22:10-23:21

“In the seventh year Jehoida showed his strength…”  2 Chronicles 23:1

“and all the people of the land rejoiced. And the city was quiet…”  2 Chronicles 23:21a

Even if you haven’t seen Peter Pan, Snow White or Mary Poppins, I bet you know who Peter Pan, Snow White and Mary Poppins are. Similarly, even if you don’t know the whole story of Moses, Abraham or John the Baptist, you’ve most likely heard of them. There are some people we discover in the pages of the Bible who’s names have become almost as common as Disney heroes.

But there are others whose names we don’t recognize as quickly, even though they were just as heroic. For instance, Jehoiada. When was the last time you mentioned Jehoiada to someone and they immediately knew who you were talking about? Yeah, me neither. But he was a hero.

At the time, Kings and Queens ruled. And Jehoiada wasn’t a king. He wasn’t even on the road to becoming a king. But his about-one-year-old nephew, Joash was. Joash was the rightful heir to the throne. Obviously at age one, Joash was too young to rule but Jehoiada didn’t disregard this; instead, Jehoiada found his opportunity right where God had placed him. He was patient; waiting six years while he built trust with the people, and he and his wife began to raise Joash. Jehoiada was wise; he did not seek his own glory, but instead, under God’s authority, made a covenant with others whom God had already established as chosen leaders (23:1-3). Most of all, Jehoiada was unwavering in his commitment to honor God with who he was, where he was.

Now when Jehoiada decided it was time to “show his strength,” to look evil in the eye and proclaim God as victor, his nephew was seven. Jehoiada didn’t know how things would turn out. He probably had a few doubts. Maybe he was nervous. Do you know any seven year olds? Are they king-material? Could they lead a people back to following God in the midst of years of being led by an evil leader? Maybe… and maybe not. (And if you read tomorrow’s chapter you’ll find out that today’s chapter isn’t the end of the story.)

But what Jehoiada did know was that he had to do what was right, and leave the rest to God. And so he did. He led under God’s authority, through Joash, and as long as Jehoiada was leading like this, the people who had been living in the midst of evil and fear, turned to God and found joy and peace. “And all the people of the land rejoiced. And the city was quiet…”

Jehoiada seized an opportunity to honor God, from exactly where he was. You may not have a heroic, Hollywood name or position (but even if you do…)… let Jehoiada be an encouragement today that your position with God is what matters; wait patiently on God, seek His wisdom, follow Him, and trust Him for the outcome.

Father, God, thank you for having a plan that is good. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the unfolding of your work on earth. As we seek you, please reveal yourself to us and help us to be obedient to what you call us to do, today, right where we are, with what you have given us.

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