Read:  Psalm 139

Focus: All of it

Can I just state on record that this is probably my absolute favorite chapter in the Bible!? What beautiful realities about God’s relationship to us are spoken in these words! God knows us, He knew us from before we took our first breath and He knows our thoughts even before they are spoken.

If we feel alone and misunderstood, we can look to this passage to remember, God knows us better than we know ourselves. If we feel scared and worried, we can trust that God’s hand is on us, darkness is even seen as light to him, and He knows what our future holds.

David wrote this psalm, revealing awesome truths about the depths of God’s knowledge of us and the extent of God’s reach toward us.

We also see that David got pretty passionate about God’s enemies in the midst of his worship of God. I love that almost immediately we see David checking himself. Not sure if what he had just said was ok with God. But if what David just said was true, David was safe to share the realities of his heart and we are too. We should ask God, like David, to check us, but we are always welcome to come and talk to Him about anything. Apparently, He knows our thoughts anyway.

So, I am going to stop typing and encourage you to go back and read it again…and again…and again. God’s word is like salve to our souls. Let His words heal your heart. God meets you wherever you are today whether you have “Made your bed in the depths or you are rising on the wings of the dawn, or settled on the far side of the sea.”

He is with you.

Now go and read His word again and talk to Him.

He is with you.

Father, praise your name! You are too good, too wonderful for me to even fathom. Thank you for the promises of this psalm. May I believe and receive the truth of it today. Amen

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