Read:  2 Samuel 9:1-13

Focus Verses:
All thirteen!

When you read this chapter you may think that you’re reading the script from a TV hallmark special. As special as this may be, there is so much more here.

In this story, David and Mephibosheth foreshadow the relationship that God would eventually offer each of us, through His Son, Jesus Christ. Let’s take a look…

Mephibosheth was crippled as a result of someone else’s error. (2 Sam 4:4) We’ve been crippled by sin as a result of the original sin of Adam and Eve.

Mephibosheth is sought out by King David.
You and I are sought out by the King of kings.

David accepted Mephibosheth because of who Jonathan was to David.
God accepts us because of who Jesus is to Him.

David invited Mephibosheth to be part of his family, to live in his home, and provided for him for the rest of his life.
Jesus has invited us to become his children, and to live with him under his protection and provision the rest of our lives.

David told Mephibosheth, ‘do not fear.’ Anytime someone was summoned by the king, this could mean bad news; as the grandson of King Saul (who had hunted David), Mephibosheth, had good reason to fear.
When we enter the presence of God, our sin nature heritage is deserving of death and punishment. But instead, throughout the Bible, God says, ‘do not fear.’

David’s acceptance of Mephibosheth as ‘family’ enabled him to live in Jerusalem.
As Believers, children of the King of Kings, we’ll live in the ‘new Jerusalem’ one day.

David took the initiative and made all the provisions. Mephibosheth had a choice. He could accept the relationship and all that came with it, or he could reject it.
God has taken the initiative and made all the provisions through Christ and now we have a choice. We can accept a relationship with God or we can reject it.

Underlying all of this is another significant similarity, and a significant encouragement…
When David asks Ziba if there’s anyone left in ‘the house of Saul,’ Ziba is quick to mention that Mephibosheth has a limitation; his description of Mephibosheth begins with the fact that he’s lame and the story ends with a reminder that he’s lame. But from all we can tell, David doesn’t flinch. If it matters to David, it only matters in as much as David might help Mephibosheth.

Similarly, God is not phased by our limitations and imperfections. In fact, it’s because of these that He reaches down and lifts us up. His desire is to heal us, work through our weaknesses, and offer us life in His perfect love! (2 Corinthians 12:9)

God, thank you for offering us a life that we don’t deserve. Thank you for taking the initiative to reach down through Your Son Jesus and invite us to become your children. Please help me to live today with your perspective on who I am and who’s I am.

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