Read: Joshua 23:1-16; 24:25-33

“Make sure you do not associate with the other people still remaining in the land.  Do not even mention the names of their gods, much less swear by them or serve them or worship them.  Rather, cling tightly to the Lord your God as you have done until now.” Joshua 23:7-8

One thing that’s difficult for us to do as Christ-followers is to live in a society that worships so many gods (i.e. money, sex, power, self, success, pleasure, etc.) and still remain faithful to the Lord. We engage with these people on a daily basis at work or even in our families. We form relationships with them. We trust them with many areas of our lives. We live life with them. This makes it VERY difficult not to be influenced by their practices. But the thing that Joshua says to the Israelites that is so practical even for us today is:

     “…cling tightly to the Lord your God…” 

The seduction of our societal gods is strong to say the least. Sex has been largely communicated as being casually inconsequential and has resulted in the widespread acceptance of promiscuity. The materialism that drives America has deteriorated our understanding of contentment and regularly directs our appetite towards “the next best thing.” Workaholism is not only accepted in our society but it is almost celebrated and expected. The worst part of all this is we have taken wonderful things and turned them evil. Sex is wonderful in the context of marriage. iPhones are fantastic tools to help us communicate with the world…MUCH better than Androids (IMHO). A strong work ethic is a necessary character trait in efficient and effective business. But if we take all these and put our entire lives into any one of them, then we create a culture of idolization. The only way to avoid that hellish culture is to…

     “…cling tightly to the Lord your God…” 

Let the Lord be everything you live for. Let your relationship with Him be the reason you wake up in the morning. Let your desire be to please Him and not yourself. Live for the Lord because it is He who gives you life…literally.

Lord, let all that I do be for You and You alone. Protect me from the seductions this culture throws at me and bless me with Your strength. You have given me life and I will live it for You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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