Read: Exodus 12

But the blood on your doorposts will serve as a sign, marking the houses where you are staying. When I see the blood, I will pass over you. This plague of death will not touch you when I strike the land of Egypt. Exodus 12:13 

Throughout history, inequality has been a common theme to the world. We are often reminded in textbooks, television programs, magazine articles, social media, and everyday conversation that man creates division amongst itself to exercise this idea of inequality. Currently, there is a “religious war” that has Christians heavily persecuted in more than 50 countries worldwide, sex trafficking/human trafficking/forced labor/child labor are at an all-time high, bullying in our schools is claiming more lives with every year that passes, and our country has slowly been working in the direction of a disappearing middle class, creating a larger gap between the upper and lower socio-economic statuses. As frightening as this is, it is not new to our nature. The numbers are increasing in each of these areas faster than our world population, which only brings us closer to being a people that are completely corrupt and separated from God. Surrounded in an environment that looks to eliminate the idea of God, at times we may feel outnumbered and alone, but there is hope…

We read Exodus to find that the Israelites were in a similar struggle. Forced into slavery and engulfed in an Egyptian culture, it appeared as if there was no hope. Many of the elders looked on as a frustrated younger generation allowed its bitter feelings to become greater than their dwindling faith in the “Almighty God” that they learned of as youth. They cried out to God, asking where He was, believing that no saving power could loosen the death grip of the Egyptian pharaoh. Most accepted the fact that their lives would end as slaves to this world, but God heard the cries of His children and brought forth judgment on the Egyptians.

After a series of plagues, and the Egyptians remaining stubborn and hard-hearted, God offered one final plague that would cripple Egypt and bring them humbly and fearfully to their knees to beg for mercy (12:32-33). Our Just God was to take the lives of all the first born of the land, humans and animals. We know that prior to this final affliction, the Israelites had also experienced each plague that had come to the land. This probably made the Israelites fearful that they too would lose every first born, but God offered a solution that would save them from His wrath and judgment. Each family was to sacrifice a lamb, pure and without blemish, and spread its blood over the door posts entering into the home. Then they were to eat the lamb, not wasting any, and would continue this tradition every year to always remind them of the sacrificial blood that saved them. That night, God redeemed His people and all of the first born of the land were killed, except for those households covered by the blood of the lamb.

Understand that no matter the condition of this world, God has His eye on His children. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to be that sacrificial Lamb, pure and without blemish, for all those that believe in Him and stay true to His name. God will pass His judgment on the world, but He will look for the Blood of the Lamb covering our households. This does not mean we will see no trials. Just as with the Israelites, it is almost guaranteed that we will, but when push comes to shove, will you stand behind the world or behind the God that dwarfs the problems of the world? Are you covered by the Blood of Christ that offers saving grace or will you continue to ride out the plagues of this world thinking you will always survive the next one, as the pharaoh of Egypt believed?

Lord, what else can we do or say other than Thank You. Thank you for your saving grace. Thank you for hearing our cries. Thank you for not leaving us to perish with this world. Thank you for keeping us from your wrath. You are Great and with you, no earthly force can stand against us. Thank you for the opportunity to break bread in remembrance of the Holy Lamb that was slain and the Holy Blood that was shed for the doorways into our hearts. It is only by your covering, sacrificial Blood that we remain yours and not a product or victim of this world. Keep us close to you for we are yours. In your Mighty and Merciful Name, Amen.

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