Reading:  Isaiah 9:16

Those who guide this people mislead them,
and those who are guided are led astray.


Christian leaders need the “right stuff.” I’ve watched enough burn up, burn out, blow up, wipe out, break up, walk out, crack up, and wash out. Stay out of leadership until you are certain of God’s call and prepared for God’s people.

Here’s a bit of help as you analyze your calling. Do other’s failures annoy you? Are you a user of people? Do you have to get your own way? Are you critical of your leaders? Do you have a hard time keeping secrets? Have you any hidden sins? Do you pout when things go wrong? Do you quit when things get tough? Do you strike back when smitten? Are you confused in crisis? Are you a gossip? Is anybody following you now? When you get a position, do you have to constantly remind people that you’re the leader? Can you handle a delicate situation? Has anyone ever called you bullheaded? Do you take everything personally? Do you need, need, need approval? Do you make people nervous? Are you a strong finisher? Do you hold grudges? Are you a pessimist?

If you can’t see yourself at all in these questions, you may hold promise. If you see your own shadow here, go slow. If these questions read like your biography, please stand down. We’ll all be better for it.


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