Read:  2 Kings 24:8-17

Jehoiachin did what was evil in the LORD’s sight, just as his father had done.  2 Kings 24:9  

Jehoiachin became King of Judah after the first Babylonian invasion in which Daniel and the other elites of their country were carried away.  Rather than turning to God, Jehoiachin doubled down on the wickedness and idolatry of his father, and continued to lead Judah away from God.  So God sends back the Babylonians and carries off even more of their talented population and takes all of the temple treasures.

What is interesting to me in this passage is that God didn’t protect the temple.  He was more interested in the redemption of His people than the preservation of His temple.  When it comes to people, God has a whatever it takes approach.  If bringing us to repentance and redemption requires we lose everything good in our lives, even the sacred, then so be it.  Our eternal destination, and our relationship with Him is worth whatever loss He or we must endure to wake us up and turn us around.

The Father demonstrated this in the death of His Son and He demonstrates it here in the desecration of Jerusalem and the Temple.  This is scary stuff.  It leads me to evaluate and ask God daily to search my heart, and keep me on track with Him.  If there is anything in my life that is unpleasing to Him, I want it out.  I don’t want correction if I can choose to change and avoid it, but more importantly I want a tight, loving relationship with my Heavenly Father.   And that is what He wants with me…  how cool is that!

Father – search my heart and show me what is not right.  Help me not to live in paranoia but in a close and loving relationship with You.  Guide my life and walk with me in Your path.  Thank you God for doing whatever it takes to save me.  I love You so much.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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