Reading:  Luke 18:23
When he heard this, he became very sad, because he was very wealthy.


Tom has a beautiful 16-year-old daughter named Abbie. Tom has an expensive BMW with a license tag that reads “EXES!” Abbie just left on her first date with a guy named Stevie. Tom wouldn’t even think about letting Stevie borrow the BMW for the evening, but he didn’t think twice about letting Abbie go on a date. The question here is value. If the young man couldn’t be trusted with a car, should he be trusted with a daughter?

Frank just installed a five thousand dollar fence and a two thousand dollar security alarm system at home. He’s made more home improvements than anyone in the neighborhood. His wife, Terri, is begging Frank to take her away for an overnight marriage retreat in the mountains. Frank says they can’t afford it. The question here is value. If a man invests thousands in his house, and won’t invest two hundred in his marriage, can he have a happy home?

A rich young ruler came to Jesus. He wanted eternal life, but he assigned greater value to temporary comforts. Faulty values led to a downward cycle of sorrows. In the quest for God our values are questioned. In accepting Him, our values must be changed.


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