Read:  Jeremiah 25:1-38

“The LORD will roar against his own land from his holy dwelling in heaven.”   Jeremiah 25:30

God had had enough of the sinful idolatry and injustice of Judah and He now declares their punishment.  The Babylonians will come and take them into exile, and their promised land will be desolate.  The LORD had been patient with them for a very long time, but justice and correction were now upon them – and they would pay the price.

But God’s correction and wrath are not forever and after their 70 year exile, there begins a rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Jewish nation.  He also promises to punish those who mistreated His people and exercise His Justice upon them.

We so love to rest in the grace and mercy of God – and we need to.  None of us are perfect, and we all need forgiveness daily.  Sometimes though we begin to believe that our behavior doesn’t matter because of God’s grace… and that is a lie.  If we give ourselves to sin and put other things before God in our lives (idolatry) we will suffer the consequences.  There is punishment.  God does get mad.  The other shoe does drop.

But if we humble ourselves, seek Him and turn from the sin in our lives as best we can, He always extends grace for our shortcomings.  We must be ruthless about rooting out the sin in our lives, and removing the idols as well.   Is there a sin or idol in your life that God has brought to mind that needs to be dealt with.  Don’t play with this.  Do business with Him now, and surrender your whole life to Him again today.

Lord – search my heart and show me anything that is unpleasing to you in my life.  I choose today to surrender all of my life to you.  Where I am holding onto things that aren’t your best for me, show me and I will surrender those things too.  Where I am unwilling to surrender, help me to surrender and avoid the consequences of my sin.   Your Kingdom come, your will be done in me…  Thank you for your grace and mercy for the journey and for your amazing love.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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