DailyRead-Art-wlogoReading: Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


God’s economy with words is staggering. With the first 10 words in the Bible He establishes Himself as Lord over all sciences.

“In the beginning.” There was one – a premeditated starting point and preparation for man’s immediate appearance in a lifeless universe.

“In the beginning God.” Four words establish the eternal fact of God and His legitimate paternity.

“In the beginning God created.” Neither we nor the universe are products of random and accidental occurrences. Creation is a divine conspiracy.

“In the beginning God created the heaven.” Here we have a complete cosmology.

“And the earth.” Here we have the ultimate truth of biology.

Every emerging science is predicated on Genesis 1:1. Every truth we discover in the Bible is rooted in God’s first and foundational claim. Every “natural” process has a supernatural starting point in God’s great and sudden creation.

Stand fast on the first 10 words of the Bible. Without an unshakable faith in Genesis 1:1, we have no basis for faith at all.

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