JustJesus 16x9


Have you ever looked at religion and thought, “That’s just messed up!”

When you get past all the clutter of religion, Jesus is simply the most beautiful, perfect, and compelling person to have ever lived.

Join us at the Vineyard this spring as we take a refreshing look at JUST JESUS.


Just Jesus – Week 6
Chris Figaretti
Going All In For Jesus
God’s dream for us is that we would stand strong for Him.
Just Jesus – Week 5
Chris Figaretti
The Power of Contentment
When you always want more – it’s a setup! Contentment starts when there is little to be content about.
Just Jesus – Week 4
Jenn Lewis
Stay in Line with the Truth
Do we have an accurate picture of God in our hearts?
Just Jesus – Week 3
Barry Bullman
Mary or Martha?
When we lose sight of Jesus, it’s easy to get a “poor me” attitude.  Has your servant’s heart gone awry?
Just Jesus – Week 2
Chris Figaretti
Who are you and what are you doing here?
We are called to live in the world and display Christ… to bring love, grace, mercy, and a different way to live in the midst of our culture.  Join Jesus in fulfilling your calling in the world!

Just Jesus – Week 1
Chris Figaretti
Set Your Sight
Instead of putting our tracks on work, kids, religion (and all the other things that distract us), let’s put our sights on Jesus.  He’s the real target.


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