World To Change-Horizontal

Do you ever get the feeling that the world isn’t working right?
We wait for politicians and powerful people to fix it, but they never come through.

What if it really could change?

What if hope were closer than you thought?
What if you and I had a part to play?

Don’t miss this vision packed series about embracing the
purpose you were made for…  ‘Cause we’re…

Waiting on the World to Change.

Week 1: God’s People Grow


It’s ok to be where you are, it’s just not ok to stay there.  God’s people grow.

Week 2: Found People Find People


If you want to change the world, change a life.  Just one.  When we’re found, we find the people we love.  Found people find people.

Week 3: Saved People Serve People


There’s no such thing as a non-serving Christian!  We come alive when we start to serve… service is a pathway to a great life!  Saved people serve people.

Week 4: Grateful People Are Generous People


Week 5: