We all have BAGGAGE.  It gets heavier along the way, weighing us down.
What’s in your bag?  Jealousy?  Greed?  Guilt?  Anger?  You may not know it, but these things infiltrate your heart and wreck your world.  Unchallenged, they have the power to destroy your home, career and friendships.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!
God made you to live light – with a free heart and great relationships.
Come learn how in this 6-week series about freedom and living an awesome life.

Baggage – Week 6 (sermon only)
Barry Bullman
Dumping Lust
Lust.  The secret sin.  What’s your secret?
Baggage – Week 5
Jenn Lewis
Dumping Jealousy
Jealousy says “God owes me.” Hm. Really? Let’s take a look at what God has already given you…
Baggage – Week 4
Chris Figaretti
Dumping Greed
Greed says “I owe me.” What shakes the grip of greed? Popsicles.
Baggage – Week 3
Chris Figaretti
Dumping Anger (sermon only)
Anger says “You owe me.”  Learn to cancel that debt.
Baggage – Week 2
Chris Figaretti
Dumping Guilt
Guilt says “I owe you.”  How do you get out from under that control?
Baggage – Week 1
Chris Figaretti
We all have it.  But how, exactly, did it get there?  And what am I supposed to DO about it??


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