Yesterday marked our one year of following the devotions from  We hope you enjoyed the daily reminders to grow, learn, and realign your perspective with God’s view of the world.

In order to not reinvent the wheel and to make sure each of you are finding devotions that meet your specific needs, we are going stop our daily devotions and point you to several online devotional platforms that can continue to challenge you in your faith walk.

Below, you will find descriptions of a few devotional tracks and platforms we recommend.  Pick one today.

Our Daily Bread

A great beginners devotional, full of inspiring stories and scripture readings to help you center your life in Christ and his word.

My Utmost For His Highest

Written by Oswald Chambers, MUFHH is a classic devotional that will challenge you in your walk with God and encourage you to continually surrender your life to Him.  If you are a growing Christian or want to be a growing Christian and you have not gone through this devotional, My Utmost For His Highest is for you.

You a Bible and Jesus

A very rewarding approach to devotionals is to simply set aside time to read the bible, invite God to speak to you, and write down what He says or shows you.   So gather the following items.
  • A Bible – A readable translation is important.  (NIV, CEV, ESV, NKJV, or NLT are all good choices)  If you want to pick up  a study version of one of those translations, the notes can help you through some of the more challenging parts of the bible.
  • A notebook or journal – God will show you things as you read and you want to write them down so you remember.  Your journal will become a treasure to you of what God has shown you and how He has grown you.
Set aside 15 minutes each day, find a quite place to be alone and invite God to speak to you.  Open the bible and read a chapter. When he shows you something, write it down and reflect on it.
The key here is to not try to read too much at one time… so keep it to a chapter a day.  If you are just getting started let me encourage you to begin in the book of John.  When your done with that move onto the Book of Proverbs, then Philippians, then 1 & 2 Corinthians and then Genesis.  After that you will have a good idea of what to read next. If you need some advise, email the church and we will be glad to coach you from there.


YouVersion is an App for your phone or tablet, and includes a bible in multiple translations, and literally thousands of devotionals and reading plans you can choose from.  To access YouVersion goto the AppStore or Google Play on your device and download YouVersion for free.

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