Read: Gen. 17:1-18:15

Genesis 17:17  Then Abraham bowed down to the ground, but he laughed to himself in disbelief.
Genesis 18:12  So she (Sarah) laughed silently to herself.

It has been 13 years since God had promised Abraham and Sarah a son – and still no kid. They had grown okay with it, though…  what choice did they have. And, after all, they had the boy by Hagar and he would do. Bottom line, they both knew it was impossible for Sarah to have a baby at 90 years old.

God had made a promise to Abraham, but Abraham had settled in his heart for less than God’s best. God’s timing left Abraham with a settled contentment as to how life would turn out. It wasn’t the dream, but it would do. After all, it has to do – what choice did he have?

Abraham and Sarah had so settled for their circumstances that they had written off God’s promise, and when God shows up all these years later to reconfirm the promise, they both laugh to themselves. They had gotten their hopes up before, they had believed once, they were more cynical now.

Man, can I relate to these guys. There have been prayers, good prayers, God honoring prayers, that I have prayed and they weren’t answered the way I wanted or in the time frame I had in mind. There have been things that I felt God had led me into, only to find a season of struggle or waiting.

So when God shows up again with another promise, the tendency is to laugh cynically like Abraham and Sarah. Here is what we must always keep in mind. If God makes a promise, He’s good for it. It probably won’t unfold the way you think it will or in the timeline you have in mind, but God is a promise keeper.

Abraham and Sarah go on to miraculously have a son, Isaac. He goes on to have Jacob, who has 12 boys who go on to become the children of Israel. God’s promise came through! But not before a season of waiting, preparation, and testing.

If you are in a season of waiting, know that God is still God, and He is still in the business of promise keeping. Guard your heart from cynicism and lean into your friendship with Him. His love for you is amazing, His timing is perfect, and if you don’t give up on Him, He will not leave you hanging.

Father – Help me to trust you, and to not grow cynical in the waiting.  Thank you for having a plan and a promise for my life.   In Jesus Name Amen

One thought on “Laughing – Chris Figaretti

  1. Amazing how certain messages appear just when they are needed. I have been doing A LOT of waiting in the last few months and really struggle to find the reason or meaning in all of it.
    Knowing my life is in God’s hands, and that he will provide me with what I need when I need it helps ease the stress incredibly. Maybe not ~entirely~eases it, but I’m working on that 🙂

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