Reading:  Matthew 4:19
“Come, follow me,”Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”


Standing on a stone quay I witness the dawning of a glorious morning. Gulls wheel overhead in a never-ending quest for food. The waves beat a steady cadence on the rocks sending the occasional curtain of spray to wash the quay. I have no reason to be here – except for some primal urge to greet the dawn and taste the ocean breeze.

The inlet is churning with life as the fishing fleet makes for the freedom of the open sea. The deep-throated growl of marine diesel power rises and falls with the wind as the fishermen busy themselves with bait and gear. A solitary gull feathers a perfect landing and struts alongside like a dog at heel. I’ve nothing to offer, but the gull seems to enjoy my company. The fishing boats are soon past, melting into a silvery horizon as the wind erases their sound. The tiny harbor is clogged with luxury yachts and sailboats that gleam in the sunlight. They wait in silence for their weekend visitation; a short sail in calm waters; a picnic lunch at the dock; a few hours of restful leisure.

It’s not unlike a church on Sunday morning. Too few will go out fishing. Too many will remain firmly tethered to the dock. The season soon will come to an end. Jesus needs a working fleet.


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