Read:  Jeremiah 52:1-34

Focus:  Jeremiah 52:1-34 (yes, the whole thing!)

Reading through the prophets and this portion of Israel’s and Judah’s history is like watching a slow train wreck, with the exception that they could have stopped it.  They could have turned to God and repented and followed Him at any point.  But they continued to choose other “god’s” and sin and injustice.  Here we see the final destruction of Judah and Jerusalem, and the fulfillment of the prophecies spoken against her.

God’s heart for His people is to be with us, near us, and for us.  But He is big picture enough to let us self-destruct if that’s what it takes to bring us home.  That’s what He let Judah do here, and that’s what He lets us do if we insist.  The key for you and me is to be big picture enough to turn to God before we self-destruct.  To turn from the sin in our lives, no matter how much we like it, and turn our lives over to Him.  When we do, He has blessing and the best for us.

When we insist on our own way our lives end up looking like Jerusalem after King Nebuchadnezzar got through with her.  A big mess!  God ultimately reestablishes His people years later, but not without walking through a world of self-inflicted pain and suffering.

Bottom line – you can choose too…  the easy way that brings blessing, or the hard way that brings heartache.  Choose blessing, choose God!!!

God – I turn from the things that distract me from You, that steal my affections, and lead me to sin.  Today I choose You.  Thank You for choosing me and making a way for healing in my relationship with You.  Amen

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