Read:  Nahum 1:1-2:13

Nineveh is like a leaking water reservoir!  The people are slipping away.  Nahum 2:8

The Prophet Nahum prophesies years after Jonah had gone and warned Nineveh of God’s coming wrath.  When Jonah warns them they turn towards God, but they quickly lost their way and were back to their pagan idolatry and merciless oppression of the surrounding countries.  Here, the Lord, through the prophet Nahum, declares that destruction is indeed coming to Nineveh and the Assyrian Empire.  It will be swift and final.  At the same time God is promising to restore His people and deliver them from the persecution of the Assyrians.

So often we have a Jonah moment, when we hear God’s warning or correction and we repent.  God celebrates, we are restored, and all is well.  But like the city of Nineveh we risk falling back into our old patterns if we are not actively trying to follow God and keep Him first in our lives.  We are prone to wander, and the results can be devastating.

Is there an area of your life that you have wandered back to your old patterns and sin?  It’s easy to do if you’re not intentionally focusing your life on God and intentionally taking next steps in His direction.  Today’s reading is a wake up call for all Christ followers.  An opportunity to take an internal inventory and if there is an area that we have slipped into an old pattern… to repent and put God first in that area.  God is waiting and wanting to be Lord of that area of your life too.

This passage is also a comfort – that God will ultimately protect us from our enemies, and that He will bring His justice on our behalf.  When we suffer at the hands or words of others, we can know that God is not unaware and God has our backs.

Father God – I surrender all that I know of me to all that I know of you.  Forgive me where I have slipped back into sinful patterns and help me to live for you today.  Thanks for having my back and loving me so much.  I love and worship you this day.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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