Read:  Daniel 4:1-37

The Most High rules over the kingdoms of the world and gives them to anyone he chooses.  Daniel 2:25

King Nebuchadnezzar has had quite a run as ruler of Babylon. At this stage Jerusalem has been sacked 3 times and is in ruins and the best and brightest of the Jews are in Babylon, including Daniel who serves in the kings court as an advisor and wise man. The King has a dream and Daniel interprets the dream as a warning that the King will be brought down by mental illness for 7 years. Daniel tells him that the affliction is from God to show the King who really is in charge and that at the end the King will be restored.

The condition that the King suffered from in modern times is called boanthropy, and causes a person to believe they are a cow or ox. He lived out in the fields and ate grass and acted like an animal for 7 years.

Talk about a humbling situation. To go from king of the largest empire on the planet to a crazy man who thinks he is a cow and lives outside in a field. God wanted Nebuchadnezzar to know who really was king. His pride, ignorance and unjust treatment of the poor (vs27) put God in a position that the school of hard knocks became necessary.

Ultimately, God wants us all to know and live lives that reflect the fact that “The LORD rules over the kingdoms of the world and gives them to anyone he chooses.” He will not hesitate to bring us low if that’s what it takes to learn the lesson.

Pride is detestable to God and humility is what unlocks His grace and favor. So where are you buying the lie that you’re all that? That the success you have is because of what you have accomplished or because of your great skill or because of your birthright?

God grants success and He can take it away. Our posture in leadership or any other arena must always be humility before God and others and generosity to the poor. From that state of heart, God’s best flows to us and through us.

Search my heart God and show me any pride or arrogance lingering in the shadows. I choose now to humble myself and to acknowledge that You are the Lord of Heaven and earth and I am Your servant. All I have comes from You and is Yours. I choose now to pass on Your grace, mercy and Your resources to the least in our world and to treat others with the grace and generosity that You treat me with. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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