Read: Gen. 11:27-12:9

“So Abram left, as the Lord had told him;” Gen. 12:4a

When was the last time you took a leap of faith? I mean think about it… when was the last time you truly relied on God for a favorable outcome or answer and made a decision to completely trust Him in obedience? Was the decision life altering? Did it affect finances or your family? Did it leave you vulnerable to the world?

Two years ago, my wife and I had felt a push from the Spirit to pursue full-time ministry. I entered into seminary not knowing what to expect and trusted in God’s ultimate plan. Then, about a month and a half ago, my wife and I made a decision to leave our home, extended family, friends, and career paths to follow God’s calling. Our obedience led us two states over and into a position of ministry with the Vineyard Church as the Student and Outreach Director. Not knowing anyone in West Virginia and very little about the state itself, we had faith that God would provide our needs and bless whatever ministry we entered into. Obedience to answer His call was not easy, but necessary. It tested our faith, brought us closer to God, and ultimately gave us evidence (yet again) of His faithfulness and providence.

Although there are so many examples of “leaps of faith” in the Bible, one repeatedly stood out to me throughout my own journey of obedience – Abraham. Prior to being renamed Abraham, Abram was called by God to move his family and possessions away from the land and home that he knew and loved to an unknown region. God’s direction to Abram was, “Leave your country, your people, and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” Following the account of God’s command and promise to Abram, it does not describe Abram’s reaction other than, “So Abram left, as the Lord had told him.”  No questioning, no making excuses, no rational thoughts, no “Well God, I could pencil you in my calendar for next century”… just obedience.

As believers, we are called to trust God. In fact, that is what our salvation rests on… trusting in Christ and believing that He is truly the atoning sacrifice for our sins. Trusting that we are broken and need Him to restore us. If we are believers, we are stating that we have entrusted Christ not just with our Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings, but with our life. It is time that we conduct our lives and decisions according to that trust in Him. Whether that trust means serving in a ministry, challenging your finances with increased tithing, moving to a land unknown, pursuing a deeper relationship and time commitment with our Savior, you name it… it is necessary for us to live a lifestyle of obedience and faith, not comfort and doubt. So let’s pray for God to call us to great things; faith building things.

Lord, help us to trust in your ways. Lead us to lives of obedience and provide for
us as we commit our existence to you. Thank you for your faithfulness and never leaving our sides with whatever you call us to and thank you for involving us in your magnificent plan even though we are broken and do not deserve to be a part of it. You are our King, let us faithfully serve you as such. In your Great Name we pray, Amen.

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