DailyRead-Art-wlogoReading:  Proverbs 23:3
and put a knife to your throat
if you are given to gluttony.


My wife put me on her diet. I was introduced to “butter” in a bottle, no-fat salad dressing, and dry brown rice. I’m allowed eight vanilla wafers a little later if I avoid snacking before bedtime.

Right now I’d shove my grandma aside for two hot Pop Tarts and a cold glass of whole milk. Necessity and pleasure don’t always make a connection. I need to drop a few pounds, but I’m not really looking forward to the journey.

Tell me that the reward will be sweet. I can’t hear you now for the giant dinner bell that’s clanging in my head. Give me a Snickers bar and my hearing might return. What’s that? I need to improve my attitude? Meet me at Wendy’s and we’ll discuss my attitude over a double-cheeseburger.

Norman Vincent Peale couldn’t paint a happy face on a diet. Battling appetites and starting an exercise program are difficult undertakings. To refuse the challenge only hastens the undertaker.

Only five-percent of people who successfully complete a diet keep the weight off, but I’m going for it anyway. Inertia has a crippling effect on body, soul, and spirit.


Reposted with permission from onehope.net.

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